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True Ametrine point

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Ametrine is so very often faked by heating up amethyst to turn parts of it an orange colour to give the appearance of being Ametrine.

This beautiful mini point is genuine and completely naturally formed, thus giving it the energies of true Ametrine instead of the damaged amethyst you will often find.

True Ametrine is said to Hold a blend of feminine and masculine energy, because of this it is the perfect balancing crystal. This gemstone has a strong healing energy that releases negative energies from the aura.

Because these are a combination of Citrine and amethyst, Ametrine amplifies the properties of both. Citrine helps you to stay focused and amethyst; being of the crown chakra, stimulates inspiration.

  • Naturally formed (not man made)
  • Balancing feminine and masculine energies
  • Strong healing energy
  • Release negative energy in the aura
  • Focusing 
  • Stimulates inspiration

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