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Medium white sage smudge stick

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Smudging is the practice of burning sacred herbs; usually sage but sometimes lavender, rosemary or other botanicals.

The ritual of burning a smudge stick is focused on cleansing energy in the space around us.

The practice has been used by indigenous cultures for thousands of years.

Now while it has been often labeled as a "woo woo" ritual there have actually been quite a few studies done which actually back the ancient practice.

White sage in particular has been proven to have antimicrobial/ antibacterial properties and when burned purifies the air.

Smudging can reduce stress and also aid you in having a restful, deep sleep when burned before bed (do not leave burning smudge sticks unattended).

These are fantastic quality, dense, white sage smudge sticks.

Use a heat proof bowl, pot or add an abalone shell to catch any burning leaves when completeing your ritual. 



 All our smudge sticks come wrapped in purple tissue paper and bubble wrap shipped in our bright purple Eco mailers

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